Gathered worship

The purpose of gathered worship is gospel encouragement. We glorify God and encourage one another by singing, reading, studying, and celebrating the gospel. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

Gospel Rhythms

Bless - Each week we aspire to bless others in our Christian community and local neighborhood in work, action or gift.

Listen - Each week we aspire to listen to God, looking for him to guide us through his word and Spirit. We listen to people around us to understand their stories and the story of our culture.

Eat - Each week we aspire to eat or have a drink with people outside our immediate family, offering friendship and community

Speak - Each week we aspire to tell people the story of Jesus and our story of Jesus, making Jesus a normal part of our conversations. We also speak to God through prayer, recognizing our dependence on him in all things.

Sabbath - Each week we aspire to spend time in rest, praise, play, partying, and creativity.

Missional Communities

We live out our identity in Christ through our gatherings as missional communities.

We eat, pray, play, party, and spend time in the word of God together.

To connect with a Missional Community leader, email